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Term Dates

AT Helene British Schools, we run a three term system which includes the fall term, the spring term and the July term.

Fall Term, September 2018 - December 2018  
Term opens 14th September 2018
Half term begins 14th September 2018
Half term ends 24th October 2018
Term ends 19th December 2018

Spring Term, January 14th 2019- April 5th 2019  
Term opens 14th January 2019
Half term begins 11th February 2017
Half term ends 19th February 2017
Term ends 5th April 2019

July Term, May 2019-July 2019  
Term opens 5th May 2019
Half term begins 27th May 2019
Half term ends 4th June 2019
Term ends 7th July 2019

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